Why Hotelements?

Sometimes you have to get away to go home. Why is that? Life is busy and sometimes messy. We don’t often think of our own home as a personal sanctuary. It’s easier to escape. We stand behind a new way of thinking about this design ‘stuff’. It goes beyond aesthetics. Believe it or not—the choices we make for our home have a direct effect on emotions and perceptions. From color to seating arrangements to art and even down to the martini glasses you love… all are layers that have meaning. Why does this matter? Because every design choice you make has a distinct psychological impact on our subconscious. If we surround ourselves with meaningful objects, our spaces become equally pleasing to the body and mind. Adopt that same feeling or sense of place in our own homes and we won’t have to go away to experience an escape. Boutique hotels do the unexpected—why not adopt a bit of this at home.

Hotelements engages and deepens the conversation between boutique hotels and guests through design, style and culture. Boutique hotel design details are artfully choreographed to fit and enhance the urban buzz and inspiring atmosphere that surrounds it. We help the hotel and guest by answering simple, but common questions: ‘Can I bring this design element home with me? Do you have that signature martini recipe from the bar? What color is the paint? Today’s guest is a cultural creative and while their hunger for content may vary, they are always consuming visuals. Through visual storytelling, the guest can bring their inspired experience home, imagining themselves in the story, giving truer meaning of what their visit may feel like….intensifying the emotional connection to the property.

“Design is the #1 mood influencer when you walk into a space”
—Paula Oblen, Founder

Hotelements - Lights


Think of Paula and her team of seasoned Creative’s as an extension of your brand. Brought together for one mission—to tell your hotels story through a different lens… The Hotelements Lens.

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