What is Hotelements?

For the past 20 years, Home and Lifestyle Designer, Paula Oblen, has been delving into the psyche of how designing spaces create an experience that goes way beyond aesthetic. With a passion for boutique hotels, she found herself gazing around lobbies and guest rooms wondering…how can I bring some of this home with me?

“I noticed these one-of-a kind experiences were feeding a craving for creativity and satisfying a desire for personal expression. I saw something that could make a difference in peoples lives. When we travel we let go…allowing inhibitions and inspirations to surface. Simply put, we experience happiness differently. Was I the only one that felt this way? Why can’t we have this feeling at home?”

Hotelements, is a company created from the belief that boutique hotel environments feed the creative soul. Through inventive content marketing for the hotelier and design inspiration for the inspired homeowner, we offer a channel to tell the story of the experience-led traveler who desires a journey of local flavor found in the world’s most beautiful hotels. Think of us as your ‘Design Concierge’… Enhancing guest experience by making the decadence accessible for today’s guest and consumer to bring the memories home.

“I believe that sometimes we have to go away to get home”
—Paula Oblen, Founder



Unique design elements and experiences discovered in your favorite hotel. A hotelement sparks an emotional connection to a hotel’s environment, inspiring you to emulate at home.

Hotelements - Our Philosophy


We stand behind a new way of thinking about this design ‘stuff’. It goes beyond aesthetics. Believe it or not the choices you make on how your home will look and feel have an effect on your emotions and perceptions.

our philosophy