Do you love Boutique Hotels?

Ever find yourself lost in the experience of a boutique hotel? Gazing around the lobby, guest room, or restaurant wondering; How can I bring some of these memories home with me? Creative hotel design evokes our emotions and feeds our craving for creativity. The scent, décor, martini and even music have us yearning to emulate. But Why? What makes this so special? We know why.

Bring the Decadence Home

Designers consider ‘sense of place’ when creating boutique hotels; they are more interested in creating experiences than spaces. Which explains what draws us to these destinations. They ignite inspiration. Why wouldn’t we want this at home? We are your Design Concierge, curating the Hotelements that spark this emotion—design, fashion, scent, music, dining/ bar, and local flavor, allowing you accessibility to the decadence long after returning home.

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Hotelements - Design Concierge


The choices you make on how your home will look and feel have a direct effect on your emotions and perceptions.

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