Design Concierge Program

There is an ‘aspirational’ element happening in the boutique hotel environment. The immersive experience and emotional connection have your guests asking; ‘Why can’t I have some of this decadence at home’?

As your Design Concierge, we will answer these questions for your guests and then help you spread the message. Let’s give them what they want—and then offer a platform so they can rave about their experiences. You want the ripple affect, don’t you? Let’s encourage and reward them for telling the story over and over again. Let’s get the Social Proof underway.

Why is this important?

  • Constant reminder of a memorable stay
  • Builds long-term brand loyalty
  • Allows your guest to be part of your story
  • Unites the connection between inspired hotel guests, home décor, fashion, music, dine/drink, scent and local flavor.
  • Increased bookings
  • Revenue share opportunities

“I believe if a hotel is investing millions of dollars in enhancing guest experience, then today’s guest deserves to savor this memory after returning home.”
—Paula Oblen, Founder

Hotelements Hotel Services


We provide services to fit your unique needs, get a personalized program with all the comforts of our ‘Standard Room’ Level, the ‘Penthouse Suite… or anything in between.