Think of us as your ‘DESIGN CONCIERGE’

We look at your property through a different lens…The Hotelements lens. Drawing attention to the elements that stimulate guest experience –design, fashion, music, scent, dining, bar and local flavor.

These elements, ‘hotelements’ deepen the conversation around your brand amplifying the emotional connection to your property long after your guest returns home. Keeping their experience and your hotel ‘top of mind’.

Hotelements Lens

The Guest

Today’s boutique hotel guest is a passionate consumer of creative culture. On the prowl for new ideas, gadgets, and inspiration. They are experience seekers—wanting to immerse themselves in the local culture. They emotionally connect to their surroundings as it stimulates and challenges their way of thinking….they crave an ‘edge’. And they are at the forefront of all things ‘style.

This guest is among a rapidly growing group of professionals pioneering a new path …working in creative capacities regardless of their industries. They are today’s boutique guest…

“People buy products from hotels because they savored something. They had a memorable experience and they want to take that home”
says Sophie Donelson, editor in chief, House Beautiful magazine


Meet Chloe

Chloe is a 32 year old marketing director born in New York, but currently living in Portland, Oregon who exemplifies the new ‘creative’ traveler.

Educated on the Sunny West Coast, she became an avid outdoors gal with a large sense of adventure. She now holds an executive position at a large athletics company in the Pacific Northwest and spends half her time traveling to their other offices across the globe.

Chloe is an eclectic spirit, loves her after work dance club as much as she appreciates the boardroom. She relies heavily on her ‘mobile’ device and while she prefers posting on her Pinterest page, it’s not unusual to see a few tweets and Facebook posts documenting her daily experiences.

She’s on the forefront of fashion, design, art and technology and can effortlessly blend a T-Shirt from Zara with a skirt from Tory Burch….She is comfortable with her look and style and is always craving an outlet for self-expression. She loves staying in boutique hotels and while she is often busy working in the communal spaces, she’s loves knowing there are like-minded individuals close by.

Chloe likes to check out the local music scene and shopping when she can and enjoys connecting and sharing her experiences with her close friends when she returns home.


Meet Chase

Chase is a tech savvy 34 year old entrepreneur, founder and CEO in the Film Industry.

Born in California, but educated in the Midwest, he now resides in Los Angeles and enjoys the cultural diversity the city has to offer.

Also a photographer, Chase is driven to have an ‘edge’ on the latest and greatest equipment he can find. He is always looking for that perfect ‘landscape’ to capture and when he’s not taking pictures, he’s playing electric guitar, jamming with friends or discovering the latest music blog.

His work environment while laid back, can also be stressful so Chase craves a release from his daily grind. He will travel far for the perfect sunset and doesn’t mind going out of his way to be a part of the ‘cool’ scene. He follows DJ’s and is always the first to tell his friends of the latest entertainment venues coming into town.

Always connected, he prefers Instagram over other social media sites for sharing his photography and looks for local galleries where he can showcase his own work and admire that of others. He appreciates the good things and on occasion may have to wear a shirt and tie, he prefers jeans any day. When he’s back home, he is a minimalist always appreciating the ‘less is more’ approach in just about everything.

“I believe Design is the primary mood influencer in a boutique hotel environment, as it sparks the immediate connection… but the cultural and thoughtful ‘touch points’ discovered throughout the stay is what elevates guest experience ensuring customer loyalty long after checking out.”
—Paula Oblen, Founder

Hotelements Design Concierge

Design Concierge

As your Design Concierge, we will answer these questions for your guests and then help you spread the message.

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