Does your Hotel have a story?

You’re in the memory management business whether you like it or not. And, to be successful, the effort needs to focus on those attributes that create your hotel’s sense of place. Does your hotel tell a story? Do you take your guests on a journey? One they’ve never experienced before? Hotelements believes your hotel should be a one-of-a-kind, gotta-have-it experience and stand out from among other commoditized hoteliers.

Are you telling your story?

Today’s guest is a passionate consumer of creative culture craving a uniquely rich experience and an outlet for inspiration that speaks to all five senses. Through the Hotelements lens we draw attention to the elements that stimulate guest experience – design, art, food, music, fashion and local flavor… igniting a desire to emulate at home. We are visual storytellers deepening conversations and igniting emotional connections from inspiration to intrigue to booking to sharing. And, we find ourselves answering these questions all the time:

  • Where did the table in the lobby come from?
  • Can I bring the art home with me?
  • What’s in that signature martini recipe?

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Why Hotelements
Hotelements Lens


The discovery of elements and experiences in a boutique hotel.  A hotelement evokes an emotional connection to a hotel’s environment inspiring you to emulate the experience at home.

the hotelements lens