Yes, it’s CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY COUNT-DOWN people!  And now that we’ve all stuffed ourselves with turkey, we can focus on decorating and entertaining, right?  I’m into keeping things meaningful and simple this year—focusing on things that really matter.  Like making sure that the decor details reflect a personal touch.  Have you noticed how numbers, and letters (typography) are popping up everywhere lately?  Boutique hotels are even adding chalkboard walls to encourage conversation between guests, I have one! Pillows, glassware, rugs, marquee signs—I’m obsessed! These elements tell a story!  And no, it’s not just a trend, numbers and letters are around to stay people….Happy Holidays!  xo PO

1.  Been wanting your own chalkboard wall at home? Seriously, it will change your life and make for a fun ‘interactive’ holiday—no joke! Click for a DIY How-To from Pinterest!

Photo source: (Ace Hotel New York)

Photo source: (Ace Hotel New York)

2. Does anything say ‘rustic modern’ more than burlap? I’m obsessed over this too — TipJunkie has cool DIY ideas. Need a personal gift: Give a favorite number on a pillow!

mantel burlap

Photo source: (tipjunkie.com)

3.  Give the gift of numbers! Wine charms are so yesterday—Your guest will just have to remember their number to locate their glass….depending on how many you serve of course:-)

Numbered Signs

Photo source: (houzz.com)

4.  If you want that splash of ‘red’ in your home for the holiday—integrate into your shelves.  They can stay all year and take you right into December! I love how this space tells a story by mixing old with new…Tell yours!

Fridge Numbers

Photo source: (blog.blinds.com)

5.  Take drinking games to a whole new level! Great gift idea and who doesn’t like or remember tic-tac-toe?

Photo Source: (lazyturtle.com)

Photo Source: (lazyturtle.com)

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