Calvin Top Grain Hide Nickel Chair

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Calvin Top Grain Hide Nickel Chair

Retro-modern and geometric framed chair in polished nickel supports a curved tufted back seat.

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Armand Riviera Pendant

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Armand Riviera Pendant

Like the Mario, this Contemporary sphere shaped iron pendant light reflects the interior gold tone, is lightly textured with matte silver finish and natural fabric cord.

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Walsh Lamp

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Walsh Lamp

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  • Aqua, gold, patterns and stripes makes this mid-century space feel hip with fresh ambiance with all of the modern comforts you expect and an art deco vibe!

    Lifestyle > Mid-Centry

    Mid-Century Modern design has come back into the spotlight thanks to the series; Mad Men! A design form that describes Mid-20th century; from 1933-1965, it displays an effortless sense of luxury but in a minimal look. The simple low-slung, sometimes curvy lines of the furniture make it alluring to most everyone and the rich colors exude sophistication. A white or neutral wall palette will allow the furniture to do all of the styling. Or a cool patterned wallpaper can provide the ‘wow’ factor, leaving the furniture to meld in quietly. This look is chic and comfortable and with a little inspiration and a couple of great pieces, you can have the original vibe of the trend at home!

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  • The Avalon

    Miami, FL