Caviar Fixed Large Nickel Clear Cluster

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Caviar Fixed Large Nickel Clear Cluster

Retro Caviar Bouquet! Stunning 47" tall (not adjustable) eight light cluster of the smoked glass Caviar spheres surround a trumpet with polished nickel perforated finish.

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Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Keep furniture lower profile to elevate the 'modern' appeal in a space.

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Incorporate industrial elements; brick walls or various metal adds awesome texture!

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Glass chandeliers can be an artful focal point in an otherwise simple, modern interior.

Athens Jar

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Athens Jar

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  • A modernized 1920’s historic hotel with original art marquees and exposed industrial materials combine old with new perfectly in this lobby space.

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    Modern design is also minimal design. The clean, streamlined furniture and architectural style from the 1930’s is best with a neutral color palette. Thus leaving room for minimal color to be woven in through art and accents. Geometric shapes and polished surfaces can be used together while maintaining balance and symmetry. True modern design style is free of clutter. A space where the materials and finishes provide the texture and allow you to ‘do more with less’!

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  • Hotel Berry

    Sacramento, CA

    729 L St, Sacramento, CA 95814
    1 (916) 930-0628