Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Keep wall colors light and add a rich accent wall to an urban space. Charcoal or black is cool!

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Mix black and white with a bold pop of color for a hip and edgy urban vibe.

Whistler Black Ivory Pattern Porcelain Vase

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Whistler Black Ivory Pattern Porcelain Vase

Artisanal geometric pattern mirroring then reversing the design. Pair it with the white (opposite patterned) version for double the drama!

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Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Using typographics and large lettering as art brings your personal story to a space.

Anaheim Floor Lamp

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Anaheim Floor Lamp

A Bold Statement! Tall clear glass cylindrical base with slightly flared white glitter shade and silver shimmer lining.

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  • Hip and urban, funky and fun is what describes this hotel and scene style. Loads of personality and imaginative design!

    Lifestyle > Urban

    Urban interior design reflects diverse backgrounds and interests. Urban design, while also modern is about creating and combining open and multi-functional spaces. Typically featuring nontraditional design, the mixing of materials such as glass, concrete, and surfaces are used. But always, the look is polished and sophisticated!

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  • Hotel Five

    Seattle, WA