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Screens are versatile and can be integrated into many rooms to add texture or define a space.

Annabelle Room Screen

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Annabelle Room Screen

Divide and define a space with this three-paneled antiqued mirror and iron screen.

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Zena Room Screen

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Zena Room Screen

Morse code Inspired! Dot-Dash-Dot, this iron room screen with three panels is hand finished in gold leaf then distressed to reveal a unique texture.

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Design Tip

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Using bold, rich tones of color with creamy hues evoke an elegant, sophisticated feeling.

  • An artful and urban retreat in the heart of San Francisco. The dominant bold colors make a powerful statement in this space.

    Lifestyle > Urban

    Urban interior design reflects diverse backgrounds and interests. Urban design, while also modern is about creating and combining open and multi-functional spaces. Typically featuring nontraditional design, the mixing of materials such as glass, concrete, and surfaces are used. But always, the look is polished and sophisticated!

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  • Hotel Palomar

    San Francisco, CA

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    12 Fourth Street, San Francisco, CA 94103
    1 (415) 348-1111