Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Think about your city's vibe and background for design inspiration.

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Mixing multiple textures and materials with glass reveals an 'urban' like sophisticated experience.

Danforth Charcoal Quilted Top Grain Chair

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Danforth Charcoal Quilted Top Grain Chair

Comfort looks Cool in this modern armless (slipper) chair. Quilted in charcoal colored diamond quilted top grain leather.

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Gwenieve Cocktail Table

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Gwenieve Cocktail Table

Jacks anyone? This cool cocktail table reminiscent of a 'jack-like' solid wood base that has been sand-blasted then waxed.

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Danforth Dove Quilted Top Grain Chair

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Danforth Dove Quilted Top Grain Chair

Comfort looks Cool in this modern armless (slipper) chair. Quilted in rich dove grey diamond quilted top grain leather.

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Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Create an open floor plan for various seating vignettes and multi functional design options.

  • While this lobby is not shy on seating; it’s arrangement fits the urban scene with New York city in full view. The subtle color is contrasted by rich leather playing with the rug pattern. You can almost hear the nightlife through floor to ceiling windows!

    Scene Vibe

    The urban chic vibe of this New York City hotel lobby scene is characterized by subtle but striking color and texture, furnishings and style. With the city in full view behind sprawling high windows, you can almost hear the transportation and feel the nightlife. The open ‘urban’ floor plan with it’s many seating options options reminds you of an upper NY loft!

    Paula’s Design Tips

    • Combine an open floor plan with multiple seating options
    • If your playing with height, use tall vertical floor lamps to draw the eye upward
    • Accessorize an urban space with mirrors and oversized art of the surrounding city

    Lifestyle > Urban

    Urban interior design reflects diverse backgrounds and interests. Urban design, while also modern is about creating and combining open and multi-functional spaces. Typically featuring nontraditional design, the mixing of materials such as glass, concrete, and surfaces are used. But always, the look is polished and sophisticated!

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