Design Tip

Paula's Advice

One pop of bold color will elevate the look.

Forest Park Distressed Gold Floor Lamp

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Forest Park Distressed Gold Floor Lamp

Nature Inspired! Floor lamp with iron base in distressed gold finish sculpted to resemble a tree branch and detailed with an irregular bark texture.

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Design Tip

Paula's Advice

An all white backdrop puts the attention on the furnishings and accents.

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Don't be afraid to let personality shine through for an expression of personal style.

  • Shades of white provide the perfect backdrop for eclectic and whimsical furnishings. A hint of Hollywood glamour makes this a perfect space for a cocktail party. A touch of black feels elegant and creates the perfect vibe for that ‘little black dress’!

    Scene Vibe

    This vibe combines a feeling of eclectic and quirky! The simple but ‘bare’ white backdrop is perfect for awakening the imagination in the space, making it feel a bit witty and fun! Hints of Hollywood glamour with a whimsical twist create a desire to entertain. An effortless transition from ‘day’ to ‘night’ for last minute cocktail parties or gatherings. The vibe your ‘little black dress’ has been waiting for!

    Paula’s Design Tips

    • Mix color, pattern, texture and scale to fulfill that sense of the unexpected
    • White is a perfect backdrop of wall color if your using bold colors and patterns in the room
    • Black is always a great choice for accent pieces to help anchor the space

    Lifestyle > Eclectic

    Eclectic spaces are a fusion of various other design styles. An opportunity to express your inner designer with imaginative furnishings and accents. When your design desire encompasses many styles, paying attention to how you mix color, pattern and texture will result in a cohesive arrangement and flow. Let your passions be represented in one room and don’t forgot the element of surprise!

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  • Mondrian Hotel

    Los Angeles, CA

    In 2008, on the Sunset Strip, in the heart of West Hollywood, Morgans Hotel Group re-introduced a bold new Mondrian hotel. Rejuvenated by Benjamin Noriega-Ortiz, Mondrian Los Angeles captures everything the Strip stands for – excitement, invincibility and glamour. At Mondrian Los Angeles, the very air is charged with the electricity of show business, but it is a hotel that forsakes all artificial ingredients and instead draws its inspiration from the serene coastal landscapes of Southern California. Enter a lobby of white curtains, glowing glass walls and quirky, eclectic furnishings and walk into a parallel universe that encourages perpetual possibility and living the perfect moment. Up in the sky, amid the clouds of Los Angeles, Morgans Hotel Group’s in-house design team has re-designed the Skybar lounge, and, in a restaurant-hungry town, no place sits closer to glamour’s epicenter than the renowned Asia de Cuba restaurant, where Latin and Asian cuisine blend seamlessly.

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    8440 Sunset Blvd., West Hollywood, CA 90069
    1 (323) 650-8999