Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Focus on the finishes; beams, moldings, custom wood installations will make big impact. Keep all other elements subtle, simple.

Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Less is more when striving for a sleek and minimal design. Edit your space!

Tortoise Silver Bottle Neck Lamp

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Tortoise Silver Bottle Neck Lamp

Silver bottleneck glass table lamp with a reflective surface giving the effect of tortoise shell patterned mirrored tiles.

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Design Tip

Paula's Advice

Metal pendants are an unexpected solution for bedside lighting.

Armand Riviera Pendant

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Armand Riviera Pendant

Like the Mario, this Contemporary sphere shaped iron pendant light reflects the interior gold tone, is lightly textured with matte silver finish and natural fabric cord.

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  • A modern, minimal vibe with impeccably edited interiors. Crisp sheets play contrast with the dark rich beams and furnishings. The perfectly ‘outfitted’ guest room!

    Scene Vibe

    The vibe in this modern hotel guest room is sleek and luxurious. A great example of how an intentional ‘absence of design’ is important in a minimal space. The crisp bright white sheets play contrast to the dark ceiling beams and furnishings. I love the mirror peeking through the headboard and the how the polished silver hanging pendants reflect the light. This room is so perfectly outfitted, like a custom tailored men’s suit!

    Paula’s Design Tips

    • Edit your space! Eliminate clutter, less is more!
    • Identify the ‘must have’ items first. Eliminate clutter! Plan for storage
    • With minimal ‘must haves’, be selective with key pieces in your space
    • Keep a neutral color palette and integrate black to anchor the space
    • Lighting is important at all levels; hanging, table and floor lamps are great for having various heights throughout the room

    Lifestyle > Modern

    Modern design is also minimal design. The clean, streamlined furniture and architectural style from the 1930’s is best with a neutral color palette. Thus leaving room for minimal color to be woven in through art and accents. Geometric shapes and polished surfaces can be used together while maintaining balance and symmetry. True modern design style is free of clutter. A space where the materials and finishes provide the texture and allow you to ‘do more with less’!

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  • Thompson Hotel

    Beverly Hills, CA

    Merging the cool aesthetic of late 1960's design with the manicured elegance of Beverly Hills, Thompson Beverly Hills is an outpost of decadence in the heart of Los Angeles. Designer Dodd Mitchell has outfitted the sleek 107 room luxury hotel in Beverly Hills with authentic exotic materials and custom made furniture, highlighting guestrooms with unexpected glass and leather accents. The property’s chic design touches are unmatched among Wilshire Blvd hotels, including features uniforms by Theory, and artwork throughout the rooms and hallways by world-renowned fashion photographer Steven Klein. ABH, the stunning rooftop bar and pool lounge serves as an exclusive escape for guests and members, offering breathtaking views of downtown Los Angeles and the Hollywood Hills. For dining, guests can visit Caulfield's Bar and Dining Room, which makes its mark on the American culinary experience with classic renditions, delicate farmers market small plates and homemade desserts, topped off with handcrafted cocktails, artisan wines and craft beers.

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    9360 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    1 (310) 273-1400